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Success Stories & Testimonials

Success Stories & Testimonials

Jeff Fallon has been phenomenal. Jeff is very high energy, positive, personable and was committed to helping me learn and stay on track. From Jeff – I learned about goal setting, overcoming obstacles, mindset, & making things happen, and the list goes on and on. Jeff helped me improve my business & personal life too.

From a real estate investing perspective, mentioning everything Jeff Fallon taught me with would generate a list too long. To mention a few, Jeff Fallon taught me learn how to create a local REIA group, he coached me on short sales, coached me in passive income and was by my side for my first passive income property purchase. He coached me through my first wholesale deal, he coached me in marketing, business formation, analyzing deals, making offers, pounding the pavement, and financial planning. If anyone is ready to take their real estate business to the next level and improve in many others areas too, I would strongly encourage you to connect with Jeff!

Thank you Jeff Fallon!

M. Downs – Texas

This shout out is for the best coach in the whole world, Jeff Fallon! During our year of coaching, he demonstrated extraordinary insight, wisdom, leadership, patience, and understanding. We believe that he is a tremendous asset. We would love to continue to leverage him in the future as we believe his assistance would greatly improve our business.

Jock & Debra B.
SCFC Homes, llc in Las Vegas, NV

Jeff Fallon… what can I say about Jeff? Jedi Master Coach who tells it like it is and doesn’t take excuses from anyone. I am sure there are more phrases that describe Jeff, but for me he has become a good friend and mentor.

I wanted someone to let me know if I was slacking and tell me where I needed to focus my energy and where I didn’t need to focus. From our first conversation, I knew he was going to keep us on track. Everything became more clear as Jeff guided us from one thing to another. Even if we didn’t have a call scheduled he made time to help especially when we had our first property under contract. There were a number of times Jeff would say, “Now John, I hear a lot of excuses coming from you” or ’I know that you have been attending a lot of the boot camps recently and that’s great, but the last time you did an online training was 2 months ago! It’s time to take ACTION!! Jeff is knowledgeable, straightforward, kind, and from what I can tell from everyone who knows him, well respected. We are lucky to have had Jeff as our coach and we are privileged to count him among our friends.

J. Bradford in VA

Many coaches have given me invaluable advice and tips over the past year and a half, but none has had a greater impact than Jeff Fallon. He was always positive and encouraging, yet tough enough to hold me accountable when I needed a little ‘tough love’ to stay on course. And because he, like myself, was really into self-improvement in ALL areas of our lives, mind, body, and spirit, he provided excellent resources for my mental and physical training as well as my Real Estate training. In conclusion, I could not have asked for a better coach than Jeff Fallon. Many, many thanks Jeff; I’m grateful that you touched my life!

J. Russin – College Professor
3 Stone Investments, Inc. in Eugene, OR

Jeff is not only an incredible coach and mentor but an incredible human being, and we are fortunate to have had him in our corner. Jeff understood how overwhelmed we were; his advice was practical and reassuring the first few months, which gave us the confidence we needed to close our first real estate deal.

Pickney & Michelle in Virginia
Ultimate Success Property Solutions

I want to give a shout out to Jeff Fallon!!! Jeff provided us with exactly what we needed. Jeff is not one to mince words and he instills the sense of urgency and drive in his students. It was great to meet Jeff in person at the Chicago Summit, which was a great event overall. If you’re looking for a coach who will strive to hold you accountable and keep the fire lit, then I strongly suggest coach Jeff Fallon. Thanks for everything Jeff!!

A. Ehrman with Z. DeHondt, & D. O’Connor
Kubo Homes LLC in Farmington, MI

I would like to say thank you to Jeff Fallon for all the help in totally transforming our business over the past year. The knowledge, experience, wisdom, and support we received from Jeff was incredible and truly helped us, as experienced investors, take our business to the next level. I’m proud to report over the past year, we transformed our business from a 1 woman show working from home and doing everything myself into a real business, with an employee and a professional office space. I am now working on my business instead of in it and it feels GREAT.

Chanda & Stephen K.
Apecs Home Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Jeff Fallon will train you to Learn and Master the vital skills to Success in Business & Life. Let Jeff help you to Advance through the Ranks of the Business Dojo! Become a “Master” within your Industry!!

Be trained by the Master!

Earn your “Black Belt” in the following:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • Networking
  • Mindset and Positive Thinking